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California-based NTB PRO. As “California and Sincere Company,” “American AAA Quality Company,” and “Southern California Reliability Company.

NTBPRO is a marketing company and a Tendering company, 

more prominent agricultural and chemical, and several experienced engineers and compliant with WHO standards, in which are world standards, so the US shares to the expand the market continuously, We promise to work harder to achieve and mutual benefits to create a bright future with our customers.

Promises a happy future, clean natural environment & healthy life

 We will continue to come up with the most effective, eco-friendly sanitizer to promote clean natural environment & a healthier life

At first, the CDC said not to wear a mask. Why do we now need to wear cloth masks?

As we receive more data about COVID-19, we are learning more about how it spreads. Data shows that many people already have the virus who do not know that they have it. They are asymptomatic, or not showing symptoms. It can take up to 14 days for a person who has been infected to develop symptoms. That means that when these people go to places like grocery stores and cough or sneeze, they are unintentionally spreading the virus.

The new CDC recommendation is not intended to prevent you from getting COVID-19; it is to protect other people. In order to flatten the curve or slow the rate of spread of the virus in your community, assume that you already have the virus. Wearing a cloth mask will help to contain your own germs should you cough or sneeze in a public place. It will help to prevent you from giving COVID-19 to other people.